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Most favorite gif(s) of Hunhan? from Anonymous


I can’t really choose??? Some are HERE and HERE and HERE



because REALLY GROSS (W Live was full of gross)

because why you gotta smile at each other like that (please if you have the video link of this… share it with me, i can’t find it)


because Sehun your hand… WHY


because Sehun is always there to encourage Luhan

because they can’t be apart (gifset here)


because Luhan can turn Sehun into a giggling mess

wandsandbroomsticks:  Haha Luhan what are you doing?  Luhan forever touching Sehun’s chin. FOREVER.


because gross I ship Lu x Sechin forever

because idk why Luhan had to have his hand on Sehun’s waist for a VERY LONG TIME (also, Lu x Sewaist is OTP)

because how Luhan just caresses Sehun’s head

because they’re so embarrassing together


because look how Sehun smiles at Luhan

because look at how Luhan’s eyes shine as he looks at Sehun


because… why would you sit on someone who’s teasing you okay maybe you sit on his face but not on his lap



because Luhan can make Sehun go (^‿‿^ ) faster than you can say smitten SeLu

And THIS because it makes me so happy I keep it open on my browser for a very, very long time

EDIT: And this. I forgot to add this

how sehun whispers to luhan (´∀`)

because kisspering Sehun’s smile, Sehun’s eyes… just ewwww